Art 134 Fundamentals

Artist Research & Presentations

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The purpose of these presentations is twofold. First, to get you looking at artists, artworks and different approaches to the techniques and concepts we are exploring in class. Second, to begin to understand the ways that artists use formal elements to express feelings and concepts.

Presentation Format:

– approximately 10 min presentation on an artist from the list I have provided

– approx.10 images (try to focus on works that relate well to the class, especially drawing and painting, other work may be shown for context)

– title, date, medium for each image (if available)

very brief bio of artist for context (where is he/she from, main medium, training, ideas, relevant details about his/her process)

– choose one image to discuss in depth; possible discussion points include:

How does the work make us feel? What kind of concepts is the artist working with?

What kind of ideas is he/she expressing? How does the artist use the combination of form and content to communicate an idea, feeling or mood? What strategies does he/she employ in terms of materials, formal elements, composition, line, value, mark-making, colour etc?

-E-mail your slide-show to me the Tuesday before your presentation – I will confirm via e-mail that I have received the file and it works.

-Alternately you can bring it to me on a USB key on Tuesday in class

Marking Objectives:

-the appropriateness of the images

-quality of analysis

-appropriate use of vocabulary and terminology

-evidence of research

-your ability to relate image examples to our classwork

Artist list and presentation dates:

Thursday, January 17

1) _________Emma_______________________________ [Jim Dine]

2) _________Jo-Ann______________________________ [Andy Goldsworthy]

Thursday, January 24

3) _________Megan_______________________________ [Kara Walker]

4) _________Lillia_________________________________[Alberto Giacometti]

Thursday, January 31

5) _______Vikki__________________________________ [Do-Ho Suh]

6) _______Jake__________________________________ [Le Corbusier]

Thursday, February 7

7) _______Chad__________________________________ [Edward Hopper]

8) _______Elysia__________________________________ [Käthe Kollwitz]

Thursday, February 14

9) ______(open)___________________________________ [Alan Storey]

10) ______Sarah__________________________________ [Julie Mehretu]

Thursday, February 28

11) ______(open)________________________________ [William Kentridge]

12) ______Emily_________________________________ [Chuck Close]

Thursday, March 7

13) ______Chaisi________________________________ [Gerhard Richter]

14) ______Sydney_______________________________ [Josef Albers]

Thursday, March 14

15) ______Maria________________________________ [Bridget Riley]

16) ______Elaine________________________________ [Anish Kapoor]

Thursday, March 21

17) ______Nikolina______________________________ [Ann Hamilton]

18) ______Georgia______________________________ [Tara Donovan]


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