Art 134 Fundamentals

“Pixelized” Color Analysis of Landscape


Milton Avery, Gaspe: Pink Sky

Milton Avery, Gaspe: Pink Sky

Avery pixelized

Avery, pixelized

soutine pixelized

Soutine, pixelized

van Gogh pixelized

Van Gogh, pixelized

Duchamp landscape pixelized4

Duchamp, pixelized



2 thoughts on ““Pixelized” Color Analysis of Landscape

  1. The true colors (and composition) of this painting (“Gaspe: Pink Sky” by Milton Avery) are as shown in these images:
    Where did you find this adulterated image?

    • Hello Geneve,
      I have not seen this painting in person–have you? As such, I can’t verify if the colour in either image here is skewed. Judging by the massive warm/cool disparity, I would guess that both of these images are off by a wide margin, and that the original painting is somewhere in between. There is of course, no replacement for seeing a work of art in person. My image came from a reputable source for academic use (Artstor) and was provided by a major institution.

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