Art 134 Fundamentals

Landscape Painting Project

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For this project I would like you to review some examples of expressive landscapes from the slideshow I have posted on ARTstor. The slideshow has a wide variety of landscape paintings to help give you inspiration for your own version. Select a painting from this group of images to work from, or you may use a similar work with my approval.

Duchamp landscape

Landscape, by Marcel Duchamp 1911, oil on canvas

I want you to consider the cumulative visual knowledge that we have been building this term, from composition, mark-making, positive and negative spaces, foreground/middle-ground/background etc., all the way up to the newest ideas introduced with color theory, including: light temperature, vibrancy, value to color relationship, color harmony, complementary and analogous colors, texture and application of paint, optical mixing, and mood or emotion elicited by viewing the piece. You will need to be able to describe your painting, and what attracted you to the piece, in these terms. Many of these painting examples are highly emotive and some display thick, expressive paint (impasto) marks made through specific brushwork.

Once you have selected your painting you should print out a color copy for reference and do a short write-up in your sketchbook about why you chose this piece (using terminology above). Bring in your image and all of your painting materials to class on Thursday.


Login to ARTstor, then click:

>Enter here

>My folders & image groups

>Institutional Folders  –>Art 134 Examples –>Landscape Examples


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