Art 134 Fundamentals

Mid-Term Portfolio Information & Checklist

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ART 134 Fundamentals Mid-Term Portfolios


Mid-term Portfolio Due: Tuesday, February 26, at 5pm (end of class)

Submitted to the designated area assigned in the Hub crit room, you must sign your work in.

  1. All work must be in the proper chronological order with all work facing the same direction, and in a consistent orientation( horizontals/ verticals, each, one way).
  2. All work inside must be labeled with the student’s full name and class and project on the back of each piece.
  3. All work must be presented in a professional manner. Overall sloppiness such as torn corners, extraneous folds, or otherwise unconsidered presentation will affect the grade in the negative.
  4. Work prone to smudging should be sprayed with fixative.
  5. You can include all work including any failed attempts to begin, revisions, and include any extra innovations, or other evidence of self initiative, or research.
  6. All work should be handed in a professional portfolio or well crafted substitute, which is clearly labeled with the student’s name and course number. The label should be sturdy and applied with professional care.
  7. All work must only have been created for this course, and shall not have been handed in for any other course or purpose.
  8. All work will have been created only by the student whose name it bears.
  9. All work should show demonstrated development, initiative, and professionalism of presentation, professional participation, in response to the specific challenges of the individual projects.
  10. All projects should demonstrate maximum quantity of Quality work. It is QUALITY of work that is most important.
  11. Good luck, I look forward to seeing the work.



Sketchbook, clearly labeled on the exterior with your name and class section

Projects 1 through 4 complete and included in the portfolio:


1.1: Study of hands

1.2: Blind contour drawings

1.3: Contour drawing of a 3D object (tool drawing)

1.4: Gesture drawings

Major Project – Plant Study


2.1:Copy of a Master Portrait

2.2: Ink Studies of folded/crumpled piece of paper (x4)

2.3: Paper Ribbon Value Study

2.4: Value Scales

Major Project – Tonal Self-Portrait: Facial Topography Value Map


3.1: All quick studies done during class demos of one and two-point perspective: cubes, rooms, exteriors, ellipses, etc.

3.1-A: Identification of perspective (labeling photos)

3.1-B: Line drawing of a corner of a room

3.2: Drawing of stack of boxes

Major Project – Rutherford Drawing


4.1: Egg still life with value

4.2: Notes & response to Sam Walrod’s artist talk in FAB (sketchbook)

4.3: Still life studies with line /tbd

4.4: Still life study with value /tbd

4.5: Mid-term self evaluation

Major Project – Still Life with Value

You should include any and all work including sketchbook, and other research that has been done during the term, complete or incomplete along with the completed assigned work.

Students will deliver their portfolios by 5pm on Tuesday, February 26. Your portfolio must be fully ready and organized before class, with only the last drawings (4.4) being added at the end of class. YOU MAY NOT PREPARE YOUR PORTFOLIO DURING CLASS TIME. You must sign in your portfolios when dropping it off in the critique room, and it will be returned after marking is completed during mid-term interviews. Portfolios must be submitted in an organized and timely manner; late portfolios will not be accepted.



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